Ignatius Sancho

Letters of the late Ignatius Sancho

originally published:
London : J. Nichols

We offered this copy of the first edition in our Catalog 60.


  • Blockson101(1782)

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bio notes:
died: 12/14/1780
born as: Ignatius Sancho

Born on a slave ship to African parents, Sancho was orphaned at an early age and brought to England, where he became a butler and received an education. He published a treatise on music and two plays, and was the first black African to vote in a British election. On his death he was the first African to be given an obituary in the British press. Two years later his Letter were published - one of the earliest accounts of African slavery written by a former slave in English.


Sancho, as illustrated in the 1782 first edition of he <i>Letters</i>, which we offered in our Catalog 60.