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How do I get on your mailing list for printed catalogs?
We will be happy to send a complimentary printed copy of one of our latest catalogs to anyone who asks. We also usually try to include a subject or genre specific catalog with most orders from our website. However, preparing, printing, and mailing full-color catalogs is an expensive endeavor, so you won't be included on the (more-or-less "permanent") mailing list unless you exhibit some willingness to purchase the kinds of books that we usually offer. After having added and dropped a vast number of people (often the same ones, repeatedly) to our mailing list over many years, we have come up with a solution for those individuals who want to collect our catalogs, but not our books (or at least not collect our books in sufficient numbers to keep them on the mailing list). We offer a subscription to our catalogs for $30.00 per year, an offer, which much to our surprise, a fairly large number of people have availed themselves of. If you subscribe and start to buy our books on a relatively regular basis, chances are we won't ask you to pay again when your subscription expires. To subscribe, click here.

How can I get email notifications about new arrivals to your site?
You can sign up to receive weekly email notification of new arrivals added to our site. Our website sends out these email notifications every week. Unlike our printed catalogs, these cost us little or nothing to produce, so you can experience the heartwarming thrill of receiving email from Between the Covers in perpetuity just by clicking here.