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Who and where is Between the Covers?
Can I visit Between the Covers?

Can you help me find a book not currently in your stock?
Do you have books that are not listed on your website?
Can you represent me at auction?

How do I get on your mailing list for printed catalogs?
How do I get on your mailing list for email catalogs?

Where do you get your books?
Do you read all these books?
How do you tell that your books are first editions?
How do you know a signature is authentic?
Do you offer a certificate of authenticity?
Why do I see different prices for the same title?
Why do some books have clear plastic over the dustjackets?
What's the most expensive book you have?
What's the oldest book you have?
What celebrities do you sell books to?

How do you handle security and privacy?
What methods of payment do you accept?
How do I find and use coupon codes?
Do you sell gift certificates?
How do I redeem a gift certificate?
Do you take books in trade?
How do you pack your books?
What is your standard method of shipping?
Do you ship overnight?
Do you ship outside the United States?
How do I cancel an order?
Can I return an item I purchased?

Do you buy books?
Do you sell books on consignment?
Do you take books in trade?
Do you appraise books?
Should I sell my book myself?
Are there kinds of books that you DON'T buy?

What's the difference between rare and antiquarian books?
How old does a book have to be to be a rare book?
How is first edition different from first printing?
How does a person tell if books are first editions?
How does a person know if a signature is authentic?
Old books didn't come with dustjackets, did they?

Why do I see a wide range of prices for the same book?
How much does a dustjacket add to the value of a book?
How much does a facsimile jacket add?
How much does the author's signature add to a book's value?
Which is better, signed or inscribed books?
Is it okay for old books to look "nice for their age"?
If I have the same book as you, will mine be worth as much?
Are books good investments?
Do rare books ever go down in value?

How can I protect my books?
Should I get my books restored?

Is eBay a good place to buy and sell rare books?
Should I sell my books at auction?
What other bookdealers do you recommend?

Where do you get your book images?
Can you send me a particular image from a book?
Can you send me a high resolution image for my book or article?