Winston Churchill

The Story of a Malakand Field Force

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  • First Book(1898)

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bio notes:
born: 11/30/1874
died: 1/24/1956
born as: Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
nationality: Great Britain

British Prime Minister and famously effective and quotable orator whose literary output includes several important histories. Despite being primarily known for his accomplishments in public office during WWII, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. This was around the same time they gave it to the philosopher Bertrand Russell and the Nobel committee clearly was playing around with the idea that you didn't need to be a novelist or poet to win. There's a rumor that Milton Berle was on the short-list one year, but we don't believe it.

Collecting tips:

Not to be confused with the prolific and very popular American author of the same name (1871-1947), whose novels were among the best-sellers of the early 1900s. The two Churchills met and occasionally communicated. Because the American Churchill was at the time such a famous author, the British Churchill wrote using his familial surname Spencer (thus Winston S. Churchill) in order to differentiate the two in the public mind.

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