J.R.R. Tolkien

The Return of the King

originally published:
London : George Allen & Unwin, Ltd.

We offered this copy of the first edition, along with the other two volumes in the trilogy, in our Catalog 127.


  • Time Magazine 100 Novels(1955)

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bio notes:
born: 1/3/1892
died: 9/2/1973
born as: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

English novelist and scholar who achieved fame with his richly inventive epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings (1954-56). By the mid-1960s this remarkable work had become a sociocultural phenomenon, especially in its appeal to young people. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature


We offered Tolkien's own page proofs of the first edition, with his hand corrections and additions, bound by Donald Glaister, in our second Classic Book Cards set.
We offered this set of the first American paperback editions, a piracy brought about by Tolkien's failure to protect his copyright in the U.S., in our Catalog 94.
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We offered this fine, unrestored copy of the first American edition, first issue in 1997.