Toni Morrison


originally published:
New York : Alfred A. Knopf

We offered this signed copy of the first edition in 2004.


  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction(1988)
  • Time Magazine 100 Novels(1987)
  • Library of Congress 88 Books That Shaped America(1987)

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bio notes:
born: 2/18/1931
born as: Chloe Anthony Wofford
nationality: USA

African-American writer noted for her examination of the black experience, particularly the experience of women within the black community. She received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

Collecting tips:

Nobel Prize-winner Morrison's first two books are her most sought after: The Bluest Eye (1970) is very uncommon, especially in fine condition. Sula (1974) turns up more often, but for some reason the binder seems to have over applied the binder's glue, resulting in problems with the endpapers, including misgluing the pastedowns, or gluing the free endpapers flat to the pastedowns. These are surprisingly common flaws, so don't forget, check the endpapers.

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