MacKinlay Kantor


originally published:
Cleveland/New York : World Publishing
October 1955

We offered this copy of the first edition in 2005.


  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction(1956)

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bio notes:
born: 2/4/1904
died: 10/11/1977
born as: Benjamin Mckinlay Kantor
nationality: USA

American author whose more than 30 novels and numerous popular short stories included the highly acclaimed Andersonville (1955), a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the American Civil War. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

Collecting tips:

Kantor's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Andersonville (1955) came in both a signed limited and a trade edition, with purists seeming to prefer the trade edition, which because of its easily rubbed black dustjacket is seldom found in truly fine condition. Another interesting book of his is Glory for Me (1945), a novel written in blank verse that became the unlikely source for the Academy Award-winning film The Best Years of Our Lives. His earlier books like El Goes South (1930), a hard-boiled novel about the "new" Chicago, are prized for their interesting jacket art.