Ernest Poole

His Family

originally published:
New York : Macmillan
May 1917

The first edition. Courtesy of a private collector.


  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction(1918)

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bio notes:
born: 1/23/1880
died: 1/10/1950
born as: Ernest Poole
nationality: USA

Poole, born in Chicago, was educated at Princeton and went to live in the University Settlement House in New York, writing magazine articles advocating elimination of child labor, sweat shops, and slum conditions. After reporting on labor unrest in Chicago and an abortive revolution in Russia, he helped Upton Sinclair gather information for The Jungle and published his own first novel, The Voice of the Street (1906). The Harbor (1915) depicts the immigrant's experience. He served as a war correspondent in Europe during World War I and as a sympathetic observer of the Russian Revolution. His Family (1917), again treating the immigrant experience, won a Pulitzer Prize. Poole published over twenty fiction and nonfiction titles. ... Nurses on Horseback (1932) is an account of the remarkable work done in the Kentucky mountains by the Frontier Nursing Association. The Bridge (1940) is an autobiography. - Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature

Collecting tips:

Two words: His Family. The first book to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, this is the "franchise" work for this author. If you ever see hoards of book collectors milling around like zombies outside a bookstore, it is almost certainly a bunch of Pulitzer collectors who heard a rumor that the store recently got a copy of this title in jacket. They are almost certain to be disappointed, as it is a book sure to go away quickly. The author wrote a pretty wide range of popular fiction, and we have managed to be able to amuse ourselves with his occasionally outlandish and screwball plots, often clad in attractive jackets with breezy Jazz Age illustrations.