Ernest Hemingway

Three Stories & Ten Poems

originally published:
Paris : Contact
July 1923

We offered this inscribed example of Hemingway's first book, limited to 300 copies, in our Catalog 119.


  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction(1953)
  • Nobel Prize for Literature(1954)
  • Burgess 99(1940)
  • Connolly 100(1929)
  • Connolly 100(1925)
  • Connolly 100(1926)
  • Burgess 99(1952)
  • First Book(1923)
  • Modern Library 100 Best Novels(045)
  • Modern Library 100 Best Novels(074)
  • Time Magazine 100 Novels(1926)
  • Library of Congress 88 Books That Shaped America(1940)

reference info

bio notes:
born: 7/21/1899
died: 7/2/1961
born as: Ernest Miller Hemingway
nationality: USA

American novelist and short-story writer, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. His adventuresome life and four marriages were widely publicized. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

Collecting tips:

Where to start with Hemingway? Ernest Hemingway has been avidly collected pretty much from the start of his career. His first book, Three Stories and Ten Poems (1923) issued in wrappers in an edition of 300 copies, originally came in an unprinted glassine sleeve, the presence of which can dramatically increase the cost of the book. His second book, in our time (1924), like the first published in Paris, was issued in an even smaller edition of only 170 copies. Just to make things difficult, his first book published in America was a substantially different but similarly titled In Our Time (1925 - note the capitalization). This and his next two, The Torrents of Spring (1926) and The Sun Also Rises (1926), are all hard to find in nice jackets, and in superior condition might have a chilling price tag. The latter, in particular, has become something of an ultra-highspot. The first English edition of The Sun Also Rises, renamed Fiesta might be even scarcer than the American edition. No problem though, there is plenty of other Hemingway to collect. One note of caution is to be skeptical of signed copies - Hemingway signed a lot of books, but Hemingway forgers have signed even more. Call your local ABAA dealer, and make sure the autograph is guaranteed in perpetuity by the dealer.

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