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Organized Labor Goes Feline

[Editor's Preface: Visitors to BTC will find on the staff room's refrigerator, held in place by magnets, the following declaration, composed by the aggrieved or their assignees around 2000. To some the notice came unexpectedly, but to more careful observers there had been warning signs.]

We the undersigned Kitties do hereby announce the formation of Local Number One of the International Kittyhood of Household Pets (Cat Division) and demand the following rights. Failure to comply will force labor actions which will result in the increase of mice on the premises, failure to be cute for visiting customers, increased urination in the fiction room, and other consequences. Our demands are:

1. Clock that always says 5 o'clock
2. Snacks on demand
3. Additional purchase of books about mind control (pictures only please)
4. Increase in amount of food
5. Breakfast
6. Get rid of Pumpkin (signed - Muffin)
7. Get rid of Muffin (signed - Pumpkin)
8. More petting (this is negotiable and may be waived as a demand if other demands are met)
9. Make Mike stop playing alternative music
10. Make Mike eat meat (signed - Pumpkin who steals his food)
11. Change name of the business to Admiral Muffin Books (signed Muffin)
12. Return of Gwen and the tossing of small bits of paper

Do not doubt either our seriousness or our will to disrupt business if our demands are not met. Muffin has been hoarding toxic substances in the basement, and isn't afraid to use them.

So say we all.


Pumpkin - Show Steward
Muffin - Kitty in Arms