Amazing Stories - 1953 - 1984 (203 issues)

New York / Flushing, New York: Ziff Davis / Ultimate Publishing, 1953-1984.

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Softcover. Magazines. Digests (12mos). Perfectbound in illustrated wrappers. Overall very good with moderate wear, some toning and contemporary tape reinforcement to the spine ends of the early issues. A nearly complete 32-year run of *Amazing Stories* totaling 203 issues (lacking 32), one of the longest-running science fiction anthologies*. Early issues feature a mix of fantasy and science fiction with contributions from many well-regarded writers such as Isaac Asimov, E.E. Smith, Jack Vance, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Fritz Lieber, Robert Silverberg, Robert Heinlein, Dean Koontz, Frank Herbert, Alan Dean Foster, George R.R. Martin, and many others. A nice run of this important and influential science-fiction anthology.

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Amazing Stories - 1953 - 1984 (203 issues)

Anthony Boucher
birth name: William Anthony Parker White
born: 8/21/1911
died: 4/29/1968

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American mystery and science-fiction author and editor. Boucher helped found the Mystery Writers of America, and the annual mystery convention, Bouchercon, is named in his honor.more