[Photograph]: Breakfast with a Dalek

May 16, 1966.

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Unbound. Gelatin silver photograph. Measuring 6" x 6". Near fine with some unevenly trimming at the margin, touch of waviness and a newspaper clipping tipped on the back and stamped May 16, 1966. The photo shows a young woman having breakfast with a Dalek from the British television show *Dr. Who*. The clipping explains the woman is a Radcliff College student dining with her "robot husband" at the Hotel Americana as a protest of dormitory regulations, while in fact the photo was part of an American promotional effort for the 1966 film *Dr. Who and the Daleks* starring Peter Cushing. The clipping's failure to reference Dr. Who, Peter Cushing, or the reason for the Dalek's appearance in New York given evidence as to why the show remained largely unknown in American until the early 2000s.

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[Photograph]: Breakfast with a Dalek