[Postcards]: 1987 Postcards featuring Artwork from the band "Lions & Ghosts"

California: 1987.

Price: $300.00

Unbound. A collection of seven postcards featuring Lions & Ghosts artwork and lyrics from 1987. The postcards are all printed on glossy paper sized, 7" x 5", with illustrations printed in color. All items are near fine with some rubbing and light marks.

Each postcard features a different illustration and color of random scenes such as houses, dogs, car crashes, and one postcard shows a man dressed as the five of spades painting flowers. The illustrations are in the same style as the artwork on Lions & Ghosts albums “Contradiction” and “Mary Goes Around”. On the back there are printed lyrics of the bands songs as well as a postage label from Capitol Records. Stamped onto the top of the postcard is “High Quality Cassettes” indicating that a cassette would have been sent with the card itself.

Lions & Ghosts was a Los Angeles rock band playing a mix of psychedelic pop and heavy metal. Their first album, "Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime" had several hits but their second album did not sell, and the band broke up. The band’s fresh and light sound was adored by college radio DJs in the 80s but didn’t receive any attention from mainstream airwaves. Rick Parker, the lead vocalist, writes and produces music for other bands today.

A colorful collection of postcards with interesting illustrations from 1987.

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[Postcards]: 1987 Postcards featuring Artwork from the band "Lions & Ghosts"