Belly Dancing Postcards

California: [various publishers, circa early 2000s].

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Unbound. A collection of 43 West Coast belly dancing troupe postcards. Most cards are 4" x 6" with some variation. The cards advertise a variety of California dance groups who specialize in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, a modern version of the art blending traditional belly dance with hip hop, and break dancing. This form of dance was invented by Jill Parker, founder of Ultra Gypsy Dance Theater company, earning her the title of the "Mama of Tribal Fusion". Photography depicting the dancers in vivid costumes is used to decorate and promote shows and teaching sessions. Numerous well-regarded dancers are pictured such as Deb Rubin, also known as "The Queen of Slink," belly dance fitness guru, Rania, and Middle Eastern dance specialist, Jim Boz, as well as famous companies such as the Ultra Gypsies.

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Belly Dancing Postcards