Anti-Bill Graham Punk Flyer

Berkeley: Maximumrocknrol, [1981].

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Hardcover. Flyer. Single sheet printed verso only. Fine. Anti-Bill Graham flyer from 1981 distributed after Graham, who had organized a paid Clash show in Berkeley, threatened legal action when the New Youth Organization attempted to put on a "people's" Clash show at a much lower cost. This drew the ire of *Maximumrocknroll* founder Tim Yohannon, who invited Graham to come on air for an interview. His ensuing verbal assault led to Graham storming out in anger. The flyer advertises that appearance on the *Maximumrocknroll* radio show with Graham as an octopus clutching a casket labeled "sixties youth culture" (as well as various music venues). Although Graham was one of rock music's most important and influential promoters, helping the careers of numerous figures through his Fillmore venues and other activities, his business practices were often described as monopolistic. This flyers illustrate that concern, and also demonstrates hardcore punk's break with the hippie movement as clearly as any printed material we've seen.

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Anti-Bill Graham Punk Flyer