A Collection of Photo Negatives

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A collection of 119 photo negatives taken by Arthur Knight, along with all rights, of authors and screenwriters from the 1950s, including Aldous Huxley, Henry Miller, Ray Bradbury, Kenneth Patchen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Louis L'Amour, and Philip K. Dick, whose photo negative included here was used on the first edition jacket of his science-fiction classic, The Man in the High Castle. The negatives measure 4" x 5" and are housed in individual sleeves labeled by Knight. They are accompanied by twenty-seven 8" x 10" proof sheets showing four images each; six 3.5" x 6" sheets with one image each; two 8" x 10" photos of Huxley; and five 8" x 10" photos of Patchen. Most of the proof sheets are marked in wax pencil and numbered; the proofs of Huxley and Patchen have Knight's stamp on the verso. Overall fine with about twenty of the negatives with holes punched through part of the image but not obscuring any of the faces.

Knight was a writer, editor, and photographer who became involved in the Beat and counterculture scene as a young man in Southern California. He became interested in photography as a teenager and used his close proximity and personal relationships with several authors to open doors to other potential subjects. As a result, his photos have appeared on or in more than 200 dustwrappers and magazines, including several present in this collection. The most notable of the bunch is a photo negative of a young and clean shaven Philip K. Dick, which appeared as the author photo on the dustwrapper of the first edition of his 1965 Hugo Award-winning novel, The Man in the High Castle. An additional unpublished image of Dick from the same photo session is also included with this collection.

Knight has included an eight-page list of all the photo negatives with comments about various writers including his first impression, how they met, and the situation in which they were photographed. For example, Knight remembers shooting Dick in his shabby apartment and how quiet and particularly unassuming he was: "It was almost as if he weren't there (or I wasn't) when I shot this." He recounts that writer Kenneth Rexroth asked for Knight's ex-girlfriend's phone number right after the latter broke up with her. Knight also describes waiting to photograph Huxley while the author ate dinner ("almost tearing at a steak"), and that Henry Miller said the final photograph gave Huxley "character he didn't possess."

A wonderful collection of vintage photographic negatives, with their usage rights.

1. HUXLEY, Aldous
4. ALLEN, Henry (who wrote as Will Henry and Clay Fisher)
5. ALLEN, Henry
6. ALLEN, Henry
7. WELLS, Lee and Will Cook
8. COOK, Will
11. COOK, Will
14. JENNINGS, John
15. PIERCE, Dick
16. FINNEY, Jack
17. ROSCOE, Mike
18. ROSCOE, Mike
19. ROSCOE, Mike
20. SNOW, Charles
21. JENNINGS, John
22. JENNINGS, John
25. MILLER, Henry
27. GEER, Andrew
28. GEER, Andrew
29. KYNE, Peter B.
30. KYNE, Peter B.
31. ROSE, Virgie E.
32. ROSE, Virgie E.
33. SHULMAN, Irving
34. SHULMAN, Irving
35. SHULMAN, Irving
36. TOMPKINS, Walker
37. TOMPKINS, Walker
38. CONRAD, Barnaby
39. CONRAD, Barnaby
40. CAEN, Herb
41. CAEN, Herb
42. CAEN, Herb
43. McCHESNEY, Mary (who wrote as Joe Rayter)
44. THOMPSON, Thomas, and family
45. McCHESNEY, Mary
46. CAEN, Herb
47. LOTT, Milton
48. LOTT, Milton
49. COOK, Will, L.P. Holmes, and Thomas Thompson
50. THOMPSON, Thomas and family
51. L'AMOUR, Louis
52. URIS, Leon
53. LIPMAN, Clayre and Michel
54. URIS, Leon
55. L'AMOUR, Louis
56. CHARTERIS, Leslie
57. PATCHEN, Kenneth
58. NORRIS, Kathleen
59. NORRIS, Kathleen
60. KUTTNER, Henry with his wife, C.L. Moore, also a writer
61. KUTTNER, Henry
62. Fictioneers Dinner (with William Campbell Gault and possibly Richard Matheson)
63. DICK, Philip K.
64. DICK, Philip K.
66. PATCHEN, Kenneth
67. WEST, Jessamyn
68. HUXLEY, Aldous
69. WEST, Jessamyn
70. WEST, Jessamyn
71. WEST, Jessamyn
72. GRUBER, Frank
73. GAULT, William Campbell
74. GRUBER, Frank
75. GANN, Ernest K.
76. GANN, Ernest K.
77. GAULT, William Campbell
78. CHARTERIS, Leslie
79. MILLER, Henry
80. MILLER, Henry and Arthur Knight
81. WOLFE, Reese
82. GANN, Ernest K.
83. ACKERMAN, Forrest
84. CHASE, Borden
85. ELLISON, James Whitfield
86. FISHER, Steve
87. MARMUR, Jacland
88. TWIST, John
89. WILSON, Neal
90. WOLFE, Reese
91. REXROTH, Kenneth
92. MILLER, Henry and Eve
93. MARMUR, Jacland and wife
94. FERLINGHETTI, Lawrence
95. REXROTH, Kenneth and Marthe
97. L'AMOUR, Louis
98. MILLER, Henry and Eve
99. MILLER, Henry and Margaret Fisher
100. MILLER, Henry
101. MILLER, Henry
102. WEBB, Jack
103. WEBB, Jack
104. WEBB, Jack
105. BALLARD, Todhunter
106. BALLARD, Todhunter
107. STONE, Irving
108. STONE, Irving
109. MOODY, Ralph
110. Fictioneers Meeting (with William Campbell Gault and possibly Richard Matheson)
111. Fictioneers Meeting (Les Savage in middle)
112. MOODY, Ralph
113. MOODY, Ralph
114. VAN VOGT, A.E.
115. ANDERSON, Poul
116. ANDERSON, Poul
117. ANDERSON, Poul
118. WILSON, Neal
119. Fictioneers Meeting (with possibly Richard Matheson)

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A Collection of Photo Negatives
A Collection of Photo Negatives
A Collection of Photo Negatives
A Collection of Photo Negatives
A Collection of Photo Negatives
A Collection of Photo Negatives

Philip K. Dick
birth name: Philip Kindred Dick
born: 12/16/1928
died: 3/2/1982

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American science-fiction writer whose novels and short stories often depict the psychological struggles of characters trapped in illusory environments. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore

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Philip K. Dick is something of a hot commodity these days. His novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep? (1968), probably helped along because it is the basis for the popular film Blade Runner, seems to be his scarcest and most desirable title, with commensurately high prices. Even his later books, some of them widely remaindered, seem to sell quickly, albeit at modest prices. His 1962 Hugo Award-winning novel, The Man in the High Castle, is also hard to find in nice condition.

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