Classic Book Cards Series 1

Century City/Merchantville: Biblioctopus/BTC, 1998.

Price: $20.00

Unbound. First edition. Fine. A collectible book catalog. Mint copies, author's copies, dedication copies, a fabulous selection of the best first editions in the world, each book presented on a collectible non-sport trading card with a picture on the front and "stats" on the back. The set contains 76 unique book cards, a checklist card, a wraparound cover and a clear plastic case. Includes illustrations and descriptions of splendid copies of the following first editions (many signed, inscribed, or in never-seen condition; in several cases literally the best copies in the world): Auster's *City of Glass*, Baldwin's *Go Tell It on the Mountain*, Beckett's *Waiting for Godot*, Benchley's *Jaws*, Burroughs's *The Naked Lunch*, Burroughs's *The War Chief*, Butler's *Pigs is Pigs*, Camus's *The Fall*, Carver's *Will You Please Be Quiet Please?*, Chandler's *The Long Goodbye*, Christie's *Towards Zero*, Connell's *Mrs. Bridge*, Conrad's *Lord Jim*, Conroy's *The Boo*, Crane's *The Red Badge of Courage*, Dickens's *Nicholas Nickleby* and *A Tale of Two Cities*, Doyle's *The Hound of the Baskervilles*, Du Bois's *Black Reconstruction*, Dunbar's *Oak & Ivy*, Eliot's *Prufrock* and *Four Quartets*, Faulkner's *The Sound & the Fury*, *As I Lay Dying* and *These 13*, Fleming's *Moonraker*, Frazier's *Cold Mountain*, Garcia Marquez's *No One Writes to the Colonel*, Haggard's *King Solomon's Mines* and *She*, Hale's *The Man Without a Country*, Hammett's *The Maltese Falcon*, Hardy's *Tess of the d'Urbervilles*, Heinlein's *Starship Troopers*, Hemingway's *The Old Man and the Sea*, Hurston's *Their Eyes Were Watching God*, Ibsen's *John Gabriel Borkman*, James's *The Portrait of a Lady*, Joyce's *Finnegans Wake*, Kafka's *Amerika*, Kennedy's *Profiles in Courage*, Kerouac's *The Town and the City* and *On the Road*, Kierkegaard's *Sickness Unto Death*, Lawrence's *The Trespasser*, London's *The Call of the Wild*, Malamud's *The Natural*, Melville's *The Whale*, *Moby-Dick* and *The Confidence Man*, O'Neill's *Thirst*, Plath's *The Bell Jar*, Poe's *The Raven*, Pynchon's *Gravity's Rainbow*, Rohmer's *The Day the World Ended*, Salinger's *The Catcher in the Rye*, Shakespeare's *The Tragedie of Julius Caesar*, Sharp's *The Rescuers*, Steinbeck's *Tortilla Flat* and *The Grapes of Wrath*, Tarkington's *Penrod*, Thackeray's *The History of Pendennis*, Thomas's *Quite Early One Morning*, Thompson's *Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas*, Tolkien's *The Adventures of Tom Bombadil*, Twain's *The Adventures of Tom Sawyer* and *The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn*, Updike's *Rabbit Run*, Van Gulik's *Dee Goong An*, Vonnegut's *Slaughterhouse-Five*, Wells's *The Island of Dr. Moreau* and *The War of the Worlds*, Wilde's *The Picture of Dorian Gray*, Woolf's *The Voyage Out* and *To the Lighthouse*, and Wouk's *The Caine Mutiny*. (Illustration shows the cover and a sample card from this set, and a photograph of all three sets).

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ISBN: 0970338309

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Item #31575 Classic Book Cards Series 1