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Dickerson, MD: Quill & Brush, 2004.

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Hardcover. 2004 (current) edition. 8 page bibliography and price-guide. A thorough guide to identifying and collecting first editions, advance copies, limited editions, etc. The AUTHOR PRICE GUIDES (APGs) include a facsimile of the author's signature; a brief biographical sketch; an up-to-date list of the author's first editions (American and British) with entries for limited and trade editions; number of copies printed (if available); how to identify the first edition; and estimated values. You can view the Instructions For Use, also included with your order, which shows a sample listing and complete instructions for identifying first editions of the author's works.

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Item #93447 Bibliography, First Edition and Price Guide (APG - Author's Price Guide Series). Truman CAPOTE, The Staff of Quill, Inc Brush.

Truman Capote
birth name: Truman Streckfus Persons
born: 9/30/1924
died: 8/25/1984

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American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright, whose early writing extended the Southern gothic tradition. He later developed a more journalistic approach, notably with In Cold Blood (1966), an account of a multiple murder committed by two sociopaths, which he called a "nonfiction novel." - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore

Collecting tips:

The books of the tiny terror of New York drawing rooms continue to be eagerly sought after. A young phenom, his books were mostly published in relatively large (for the time and genre) first printings. Thus when collecting Capote it is even more important then usual to look for particularly fine copies, as mediocre copies of most of his books abound. Breakfast at Tiffany's, (1958), because of it's easily fadeable orange spine, is a difficult book to find in truly fine condition, and is perhaps the most relentlessly sought of his titles. His play House of Flowers, (1968) used to be especially difficult to find, but the relatively high price of the book, combined with the advent of the online databases managed to bring some copies out of the woodwork, so a little patience can now result in a nice, not-to-expensive copy. Capote apparently was happy to sign books, so signed copies are not entirely uncommon. However, the fact that his signature is so simply printed ("that's not writing, that's printing"), makes it an attractive example for forgers to attempt to master. If you are going to be signed copies, make sure you either know where the books came from, or buy them from a reputable dealer who you know does their homework (never bad advice about buying any signed material). Beware of any dealer that suggests that his self-generated Certificate of Authenticity (or COA) should be enough to allay your fears. Any reputable dealers invoice is his guarantee of authenticity, but i all it takes is a COA to make you happy, we have a bridge you might like to buy.

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