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Dickerson, MD: Quill & Brush, 2004.

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Hardcover. 2004 (current) edition. 9 page bibliography and price-guide. A thorough guide to identifying and collecting first editions, advance copies, limited editions, etc. The AUTHOR PRICE GUIDES (APGs) include a facsimile of the author's signature; a brief biographical sketch; an up-to-date list of the author's first editions (American and British) with entries for limited and trade editions; number of copies printed (if available); how to identify the first edition; and estimated values. You can view the Instructions For Use, also included with your order, which shows a sample listing and complete instructions for identifying first editions of the author's works.

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Item #93418 Bibliography, First Edition and Price Guide (APG - Author's Price Guide Series). Saul BELLOW, The Staff of Quill, Inc Brush.

Saul Bellow
birth name: Saul Bellow
born: 6/10/1915
died: 4/5/2005
nationality: USA

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American novelist whose characterizations of the modern urban dweller, disaffected by society but not destroyed in spirit, earned him the Novel Prize for Literature in 1976. Brought up in a Jewish household and fluent in Yiddish, he was representative of the Jewish-American writers whose works became central to American literature after World War II.more

Collecting tips:

Bellow's three National Book Award-winning books, Mr. Sammler's Planet (1971), Herzog (1965), and The Adventures of Augie March (1954); and his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Humboldt's Gift (1976), are not difficult to find, but they do command a premium price if they are either in especially fine condition or signed (although for such a legendarily grumpy author, Bellow seems to have been generous with his signature). His first two books, Dangling Man (1944), and The Victim (1947), are usually harder to find, with Dangling Man, because of its fragile wartime construction (using cheaper paper and other materials) being the most difficult and expensive. Other early books of his that have become scarce in fine copies are his play The Last Analysis (1965), and Henderson the Rain King (1959). It seems to us that Bellow will continue to be collected for the relatively long term, and fine copies will become steadily scarcer.

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