Franz Wright

Walking to Martha's Vineyard

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We offered this copy of the first edition in 2007.


  • Pulitzer Prize for Poetry(2004)

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bio notes:
born: 3/18/1953
born as: Franz Wright

The winner of a Pulitzer Prize in poetry, Franz Wright is noted for his verse that often tackles somber themes, including alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental illness, as well as themes of repentance, self discovery, and spirituality. Before he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize, Wright once told CA: "I write (and have done so since writing first offered itself to me at age fifteen or so) primarily for personal pleasure. In fact, I cannot recall ever having been genuinely happy except during periods of time when I seemed to be writing well, for illumination and self-transformation. This is not to say I have no ambition. Occasionally (actually rather often over the years) I publish my work. I doubt if anyone notices at all, which is perfectly all right with me." - from Contemporary Authors Online