Bibliography, First Edition and Price Guide (APG - Author's Price Guide Series)

Dickerson, MD: Quill & Brush, 2004.

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Hardcover. 2004 (current) edition. 6 page bibliography and price-guide. A thorough guide to identifying and collecting first editions, advance copies, limited editions, etc. The AUTHOR PRICE GUIDES (APGs) include a facsimile of the author's signature; a brief biographical sketch; an up-to-date list of the author's first editions (American and British) with entries for limited and trade editions; number of copies printed (if available); how to identify the first edition; and estimated values. You can view the Instructions For Use, also included with your order, which shows a sample listing and complete instructions for identifying first editions of the author's works.

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Bibliography, First Edition and Price Guide (APG - Author's Price Guide Series). Harry CREWS, The Staff of Quill, Inc Brush.

Harry Crews
birth name: Harry Eugene Crews
born: 06/06/1935

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Southern American author, one of the most original, prolific, and compelling novelists of the Southern post-Styron generation. His family were Georgia tenant farmers; their life, as he describes it in A Childhood (1978), was hard, sometimes brutal, stripped to the essentials. The restrictive realities of his early years figure prominently in his fiction. Things relentlessly go wrong, yet self-discipline and craftsmanship do not altogether fail; people suffer and die after struggling to make their lives mean something. - from American Novelists Since World War IImore

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