[Baseball Boudoir card, uncaptioned]: Mid-Atlantic College Team?

[No place: circa 1880-1882].

Price: $350.00

Unbound. Boudoir-size baseball team portrait. Albumen photograph mounted on thick card. Image size 7.75" x 4" on 8.5" x 5.5" card mount. Uncaptioned, with no additional identification or initials or names on the uniforms. Ten players seated in the grass in their teens or early twenties in full uniform, the pitcher holding the ball, catcher holding a mask, and most of the rest holding bats. A few stains on the margins, but otherwise a nice clear near fine image. Because of the presence of the catcher's mask, it is unlikely to be pre-1878, however from the rest of their uniforms, we suggest 1880-1882 as a close approximation of the date. Provenance suggests a Mid-Atlantic team.

Item #554280

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Item #554280 [Baseball Boudoir card, uncaptioned]: Mid-Atlantic College Team?