Peace Patriots. Love of Country: Opposition to War

(New York): Peace Patriots, [circa 1929].

Price: $400.00

Unbound. First edition. Folio sheet folded to make four pages, measuring approximately 8½" x 11" closed. Old horizontal fold with short splits on both ends, final leaf with a corner crease and tiny corner chip, modest soiling on blank final page, a very good example of a relatively delicate production. With the two (unused) petition slips present.

The first leaf prints text by the Peace Patriots, signed in type by 78 members and William Floyd, Director. (Prominent names include Julia Ellsworth Ford, May E. Woolley, William Floyd, Laura Puffer Morgan, John Dewey, and Upton Sinclair, as well as various ministers and bishops, professors, authors, editors and publishers, lecturers, attorneys, and philanthropists.) The conjugate leaf prints two petitions, to be sent to the President via the Peace Patriots, titled "Naval Armistice" and "Individual Opposition to War." *OCLC* seems to locate two copies (LOC, Yale).

The text begins: "The United States having agreed with other countries that the settlement of international disputes shall never be sought except by pacific means, it becomes a patriotic act for her nationals to support their Government in its renunciation of war. Therefore, we, descendants of early American patriots, call upon all loyal citizens to express their approval of the new Peace Pact, and their opposition to any action inconsistent with its terms."

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Item #517489 Peace Patriots. Love of Country: Opposition to War. William Floyd FLOYD, Director.