Woman's Co-Operation Essential to Pure Politics

(Boston: American Woman Suffrage Association), [circa 1885].

Price: $300.00

Unbound. First edition. One folio sheet folded to make four pages. Text printed in three columns. Tiny marginal tear almost not worth mentioning else a fine copy of a fragile pamphlet.

"We are here to ask two very simple things: First, That in counting the votes in our elections, the vote of women shall be counted. Second, That when the people vote for public officers, or they are otherwise appointed, if a woman seem to be the fittest person for the office, she may be selected; and that is all. (...) My friends, I believe that every step in human civilization has been marked by the nearer approach of woman to her just and equal place of influence in the State." Also prints letters from Chief Justice Greene of Washington Territory and Governor Warren of Wyoming Territory. Not in Krichmar or Franklin, although they note similar works by G. F. Hoar.

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Item #514575 Woman's Co-Operation Essential to Pure Politics. George Frisbie HOAR.