[Poster]: The New Yorker - Oct. 1, 1979

New York: The New Yorker Magazine, 1979.

Price: $600.00

Unbound. Large poster. Approximately 29" x 41" Rolled, else fine. Full color reproduction of the cover of the October 1, 1979 issue of *The New Yorker* illustrated by R.O. Blechman. Signed in print by the artist, and additionally Signed by the artist above his printed signature. R.O. Blechman is, according to Wikipedia: "an American animator, illustrator, children's-book author, graphic novelist and editorial cartoonist whose work has been the subject of retrospectives at the Museum of Modern Art and other institutions. He was inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame in 1999." Blechman has also won the National Cartoonists Society Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award. His humorous drawings and cartoons have appeared in innumerable magazines including several as *New Yorker* covers, and his animations are well-known particularly his commercials for both Alka-Seltzer and Red Bull.

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Item #448248 [Poster]: The New Yorker - Oct. 1, 1979. R. O. BLECHMAN.
[Poster]: The New Yorker - Oct. 1, 1979