57 Quartermaster's Reports for the 10th U.S. Colored Artillery (Heavy)

Fort Macomb, Louisiana: 1866.

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Unbound. A group of 57 documents mostly prepared by 1st Lieutenant G.L. Faxon, acting assistant quartermaster of the 10th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery. All but a few are partially printed documents filled out in ink, mostly by Faxon, with a few retained copies of letters transmitting the documents to the Treasury Department, most are docketed in ink, all are carefully folded, a number have handmade and handwritten mustard-colored sleeves. Very minor wear, overall fine. The documents range from the single page letters to large fold-out multiple page charts.

Originally organized from the 1st Corps de Afrique Heavy Artillery in New Orleans; later re-designated as the 10th Regiment Heavy Artillery Colored, the Regiment was largely attached to the defense of New Orleans throughout the Civil War and continued until they were mustered out in February of 1867.

The documents include records of food, forage, stores, wood, fuel, clothing, sales of additional rations to officers, returns of equipage, etc. Single quartermaster's reports for black regiments occasionally appear on the market, and by themselves they can make for rather unenlightening reading; however, this is the largest group we've seen, and in their totality might make for a more enlightening picture of the provender and supplies of a black regiment in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War.

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