Autograph Letter Signed to Mr. Samuel Butts

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Unbound. One Page Letter dated June 26th 1848 sent from Still in Philadelphia to Butts in Washington, D.C. Old folds from mailing, a few faint stains, small chip from where the letter was opened, very good. Still apologizes to Butts for not sending his boxes because of family illness and proposing to send them along shortly. He responds to Butts' suggestion: "You mention of sending them by Adams' Express or Telegraph [a train?], by the latter route at this season of the year, the wire is subject to the Freaks of the Lightning. I would be afraid they they might get off the track, or if not might fly past Washington. With these considerations I think it best to prefer the former Route." Still was born in Ireland in 1797, and appears in the 1850 census as a "boxmaker"

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Autograph Letter Signed to Mr. Samuel Butts. A. STILL.