[Archive]: Original Greeting Card Art for Norcross Greeting Cards

New York, New York: 1960s.

Price: $250.00

Unbound. Original art on white cardstock measuring around 5" x 7". Both items fine. Two small painting for holiday greeting cards made for the Norcross Greeting Card Company in the 1960s. One of the images shows a smiling woman sitting on a pink cloud dressed as a devil surrounded by hearts, presumably for Valentine's Day. The other features a well-dressed woman in a cocktail dress with holly in her hair for Christmas. Both pieces are bright and colorful and include notes for the card designer and a Norcross stamp on the verso. The Norcross Greeting Card Company was founded in the 1920s by Arthur Norcross. Norcross died in the late 1960s and his assistant, Mary Calvo took over. These pieces represent the fashion and style of the swinging sixties with two cute holiday ladies.

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[Archive]: Original Greeting Card Art for Norcross Greeting Cards