Encounter: July 1957, Vol. IX, No. 1 (46)

London: Panton House, 1957.

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Softcover. First edition. Small quarto. 88pp. Front wrapper illustrated by Leonard Rosoman. Wrappers age-toned, spine tail chipped. Contributions by Igor Stravinsky, Henry Fairlie, Laurie Lee, Peter Wildeblood, James Joll, Stephen Spender, Dannie Abse, Philip Toynbee, Iganzio Silone, Nicholas Mordvin, Richard Hofstadter, C.M. Woodhouse, Sidney Hook, Angus Wilson, and Burns Singer.

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Encounter: July 1957, Vol. IX, No. 1 (46). Stephen SPENDER, Irving Kristol.

Stephen Spender
birth name: Stephen Spender
born: 2/28/1909
died: 7/16/1995

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English poet and critic, who made his reputation in the 1930s with poems expressing the politically conscience-stricken, leftist "new writing" of that period. He was later known less for his poetry than for his perceptive criticism and for his editorial association with the influential reviews Horizon (1940-41) and Encounter (1953-67). - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore