[Pornographic manuscript]: The Two Queens

[Circa 1930].

Price: $600.00

Unbound. Typed manuscript. Ribbon (or top) copy. 27, [1] leaves typed rectos only, last leaf is blank. Many corrections visible in type. Unsigned. Old folds, paperclip stains in the margins, the paper is well-thumbed with small tears and creases, but is overall supple and very good. Complex, literate, and detailed sex story about a man who meets a beautiful foreign woman in a park in an American city, and is brought back to a luxurious abode where, to his surprise, he is called upon to pleasure the woman's lovely friend, repeatedly, and in a variety of ways. He later wakes up in the park and thinks he has dreamed the encounter, but discovers a gold watch has been left in his pocket as a gift. The following day, the events are repeated, but this time with his friend and the beautiful foreign woman joining in. (Spoiler Alert!): when they are thrown over after the dalliance, the men learn that the young woman was the princess of a European country, soon to be a queen, and that she was visiting America for a last fling in anticipation of her upcoming wedding to the crown prince of another nation, and that her companion was a countess who traveled everywhere with her as a chaperone.

Porn of this sort was made exponentially more common when American servicemen gained wide access to mimeograph machines during WWII, but this is a typed manuscript, and our best guess is that it predates the War. Little from the text indicates the possible age of the manuscript. An *OCLC* and broad internet search locates no copies, although admittedly, *OCLC* is an insufficient source for tracking this sort of material. Possibly unique.

Item #422139

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Item #422139 [Pornographic manuscript]: The Two Queens. Anonymous.
[Pornographic manuscript]: The Two Queens