[Broadside]: In Feb. Issue of Click: Japs Invade California!

[Philadelphia? Triangle Journals? 1942?].

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Unbound. Broadside. Measuring 10.25" x 14". Nominal wear at the corners, easily fine. Broadside advertising an issue of a relatively short-lived magazine: *Click: The National Picture Monthly*, which seems to have been published from the late 1930s until sometime in 1942. Apparently playing upon the same panic and suspicion that early in the War resulted in Japanese Americans being interned in camps, the image depicts an artist's rendering of an armed Japanese soldier standing in front of the Rising Sun flag, glaring down upon a line of American women and children, surrounded by barbed wire and with a sign reading "Concentration Center for Women. San Francisco Area" in both English and Japanese, with ruined buildings in the background. We could find no obvious artist's signature. *OCLC* appears to locate only four issues and/or runs of the magazine over four different records (publication information taken from those records).

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[Broadside]: In Feb. Issue of Click: Japs Invade California!