[Letter]: Women's Suffrage Lectures in Maine

Ellsworth, Maine: February 16, 1857.


Unbound. An 1857 letter from early Maine women’s right advocate, Charlotte Hill of Ellsworth, Maine. Folded for mailing, near fine. The letter discusses speaking engagements for a committee on lyceum lectures, specifically an early lecture by Susan B. Anthony: “A committee of ladies self-constituted I grant – of which I am one, have engaged Susan B. Anthony of Rochester N.Y….of Miss Anthony I know nothing except by reputation.” Anthony received $50 for this speaking engagement which was the most she had received for her time to date and it helped propel her lecturing career. Hill was a music teacher by trade. Upon hearing of her ideas of bringing the suffrage movement to the attention of local citizens, many threatened to stop using her services to which she answered, “Very well, I shall maintain my principles and if you break up my classes I can go back to the sea shore and dig clams for a living as I have done before.” The lectures were a success and Hill was able to keep both her committee and her teaching career.

A wonderful letter and a primary source discussing women’s suffrage including the early lectures of Susan B. Anthony.

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[Letter]: Women's Suffrage Lectures in Maine. Charlotte HILL, Susan B. Anthony.
[Letter]: Women's Suffrage Lectures in Maine