[Cabinet cards]: Rutgers University Class of 1884

New York: Fredericks' Knickerbocker Family Portrait Gallery, 1884.

Price: $400.00

Unbound. A collection of 29 cabinet card portraits. Each approximately 4.25" x 6". All but a couple have the backmark of Fredericks' Knickerbocker Family Portrait Gallery. A few have slight foxing or toning, but all are otherwise near fine. 17 of the 29 cabinet cards of well-dressed young men are signed on the verso, mostly with last names, and most making reference to the Class of 1884. It seems possible that these Rutgers men might have been members of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, but we haven't delved that deeply into it. One of the signers is Charles E. Pattison, an engineer who can be found referred to as an "Edison Pioneer" - that is one of the earliest people to work on the electric light - his private company built many of the earliest Edison power plants.

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