Inscribed Cabinet Photograph of Fanny Davenport MacDowell

Boston: Warren's Portraits, [not before 1889].

Price: $150.00

Unbound. Cabinet card albumen photograph. Image is approximately 4" x 6" on slightly larger card with photographer's front and back marks. Very near fine. Bust portrait of McDowell. Inscribed by her beneath the portrait: "Faithfully Yours, Fanny MacDowell". The pen has skipped slightly but the inscription and signature are clear and legible. Fanny Davenport was an actress and formed her own theatre company, The Fanny Davenport Compnay in 1882. She married actor Melbourne MacDowell in 1889. Her papers are housed at the Houghton Library at Harvard.

Item #410122

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Item #410122 Inscribed Cabinet Photograph of Fanny Davenport MacDowell. Fanny Davenport MACDOWELL.