Oasis 7: Incorporating Expression Magazine - 1972

Surrey, England: Oasis, 1972.

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Softcover. Magazine. Octavo. 127pp. Perfectbound. Art editor is Gail Howell-Jones. Black and white illustrations. Light rubbing else fine. Ian Robinson founded Oasis in 1969 and continued to publish the magazine while Robinson founded Oasis Books in 1970. This magazine is devoted to the translation and review of well known poets and authors such as: Bruno Jasienski, Florence Chia Ying Yeh Chao, and Max Jacob. Well known poets and author's include George Bowering, a well known poet and historian and Martin Booth, a British novelist and poet who founded the Sceptre Press. Three chapters of Lotte Bullock's *The Lost Tiger* are printed in this issue. Also includes Illustrations by Carol Chapman, Jean Demelier, Patrick O'Keeffe, Stanley Engel, and John Mitchinson. Additional contributors include Anthony Hodge, Philip Weeks, David H W Grubb, Reginald Levy, John Rice, Donato Cinicolo III, Sally Tylecote, Paul Matthews, William Oxley, Paul Gogarty, Colin Nixon, Thea Clark, Ervin Gaspar, Michael Gold, Richard Austin, Paul Green, Robin Lee, William Bedford, Bruton Connors, Andrew Darlington, Valerie Owen, Charles Black, Craig Anderson, Matt Simpson, Simon McNulty, Cecily Lambert, John Mitchinson, David Jaffin, Roger Bonner, Rachel Blake, Mark Young, and Francesca de Masi.

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Item #409648 Oasis 7: Incorporating Expression Magazine - 1972. Florence Chia Ying Yeh Chao Bruno Jasienski, Francesca de Masi, Mark Young, Rachel Blake, Roger Bonner, David Jaffin, John Mitchinson, Cecily Lambert, Simon McNulty, Matt Simpson, Craig Anderson, Charles Black, Valerie Owen, Andrew Darlington, Bruton Connors, William Bedford, Robin Lee, Paul Green, Richard Austin, Michael Gold, Ervin Gaspar, Thea Clark, Colin Nixon, Paul Gogarty, William Oxley, Paul Matthews, Sally Tylecote, Donato Cinicolo III, John Rice, Reginald Levy, David H. W. Grubb, Philip Weeks, Anthony Hodge, John Mitchinson, Stanley Engel, Patrick O'Keeffe, Jean Demelier, Carol Chapman, Lotte Bullock, Martin Booth, George Bowering, Max Jacob, Ian ROBINSON.