[Photo Album]: Nurses in Hawaii 108th Medics 27th Division, World War II

Hawaii: 1942.

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Hardcover. Oblong small quarto. Measuring 11" x 7". String-tied brown paper with "Photographs" stamped on the front board. Contains 72 sepia-toned or black and white gelatin silver photographs measuring between 1¾" x 1¾" and 2½" x 3½", with captions. Good only album with detached pages, chips, and tears with near fine photographs.

A photo album kept by a nurse while stationed in Hawaii during World War II. The majority of the photos are taken on the island of Oahu and feature military encampments and beaches in the area. The young women were volunteer nurses with the Red Cross 108th Medics 27th Division. Throughout the album they are seen in their tents, with native children, and male Army personnel. One group of photos shows the women primping and doing each other's hair around their tents. A photo of three women putting curlers in a woman's hair reads, "Barbara, Peg, Harriet, Jessie - Setting Harriet's hair Peg is the camp's hairdresser." The women are seen in uniforms frequently visiting the Woman's Club of Waikiki Beach. A series of silly photos shows the women and Army men posed in grass skirts. The group was entertained by a Hawaiian band at the Allerton Estate as well as by hula dancers. They also visited the Queen Emma Summer Palace. Towards the end of the album there are photos of soldiers at the beach firing guns and of a birthday party.

An interesting album of a female nurse's time in Hawaii during World War II.

Item #405886

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Item #405886 [Photo Album]: Nurses in Hawaii 108th Medics 27th Division, World War II