Classic Book Cards Series 2

Century City/Merchantville: Biblioctopus/Between the Covers, 2000.

Price: $20.00

Unbound. First edition. Fine. The sequel to the original collectible book catalog. Mint copies, author's copies, dedication copies, a fabulous selection of the best first editions in the world, each book presented on a collectible non-sport trading card with a picture on the front and "stats" on the back. The set contains 76 unique book cards, a checklist card, a wraparound cover and a clear plastic case. Includes illustrations and descriptions of splendid copies of the following first editions (many signed, inscribed, or in never-seen condition; in several cases literally the best copies in the world): Abbey's *The Brave Cowboy*, Anderson's *Winesburg, Ohio* and *Death in the Woods*, Baum's *The Wonderful Wizard of Oz*, *The Daring Twins* and *The Tin Woodman of Oz*, Bellow's *The Dangling Man*, Bloch's *Psycho*, Bowles' *Two Serious Ladies*, Bowles' *The Sheltering Sky*, Burroughs' *The Mucker*, Burroughs' *Junkie*, Cain's *The Postman Always Rings Twice*, Camus' *The Plague*, Chadwick's *The Ball Player's Chronicle*, Chandler's *The High Window* and *The LIttle Sister*, Cooper's *The Pathfinder*, Dickens' *A Christmas Carol* and *American Notes*, Du Bois' *The Quest of the Silver Fleece*, Eliot's *The Waste Land* and *Poems 1909-1925*, Faulkner's *Mosquitoes*, *The Hamlet* and *Go Down, Moses*, Fitzgerald's *The Great Gatsby*, Flaubert's *Madame Bovary*, Fleming's *Casino Royale*, *Dr. No* and *Goldfinger*, Forster's *A Passage to India*, Gray's *Lanark*, Greene's *The Man Within*, Groom's *Forrest Gump*, Haggard's *Cleopatra*, Hammett's *Red Harvest*, Heinlein's *Rocket Ship Galileo*, Hemingway's *In Our Time*, *A Farewell to Arms* and *Across the River and Into the Trees*, O. Henry's *Strictly Business*, Hesse's *Demian*, Highsmith's *Strangers on a Train*, Hurston's *Jonah's Gourd Vine*, James' *The Ambassadors*, Kafka's *The Metamorphosis*, Kinsella's *Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa*, Lewis' *The Innocents* and *Babbitt*, Lowry's *Under the Volcano*, Maugham's *The Making of a Saint*, Miller's *Death of a Salesman*, Miller's *Tropic of Cancer* and *Tropic of Capricorn*, Mitchell's *Gone With the Wind*, Morrison's *The Bluest Eye*, O'Connor's *A Good Man Is Hard to Find*, O'Flaherty's *The Informer*, O'Hara's *Appointment in Samarra* and *Butterfield 8*, Pynchon's *V*, Schulberg's *What Makes Sammy Run?*, Shelley's *Frankentstein*, Sinclair's *The Jungle*, Steinbeck's *Cup of Gold* and *Of Mice and Men*, Thompson's *Heed the Thunder*, Tolkien's *The Lord of the Rings*, Twain's *A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court*, Walker's *The Color Purple*, Welsh's *Trainspotting*, Welty's *The Robber Bridegroom*, West's *A Cool Million*, White's *Charlotte's Web*, White's *Happy Valley*, and Whitman's *As a Strong Bird on Pinion's Free*. (Illustration shows the cover and a sample card from this set, and a photograph of all three sets).

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ISBN: 0970338317

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Classic Book Cards Series 2