[Photo Album]: California, and Training in Tacoma, Washington for WWI

California, Tacoma, Washington, etc. 1916-1919.

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Hardcover. Oblong small quarto. Measuring 11" x 7½". Black cloth over flexible boards, with a cut out photo of an unknown young woman. Cloth is a bit faded, overall very good or better, the images are near fine and mostly of better quality than usual. Contains approximately 360 gelatin silver photographs. Various sizes from 1½" x 2½" to 5½" x 5½". Mostly captioned in white album ink.

A particularly nice album, compiled by a young woman from California, which, while including a wide range of recreational images in various locations in California, also includes many images of men (including evidentially, the compiler's brother) training at Camp Lewis leading up to and during World War One. The base, located in Tacoma, Washington, continues as a U.S. Army installation today. Among the photos is a series of four showing a man in uniform performing different attack procedures with a bayonet. A caption written in white album ink says “Bayonet Drill as Practiced by the U.S. Army. Taken at Camp Lewis by Officers for Review of the 11th division.”

Another page in the album contains a photograph of a soldier with a caption “the bravest and best pal I ever had.” The name S.A. Knudsen is written next to it. Another series of eight photos on two pages is captioned “Brother at Camp Lewis. The World War of 1916-1918.” He is shown in three different positions, entitled “attention, advance and surrender.” Another page of five photographs contains a clipped out logo for the Utah 1st Battalion, 145th Field Artillery. Additionally there are pictures of sailors and warships, a few of aircraft, and many images of men in uniform.

Interspersed with the Camp Lewis photos are a large variety of snap shots of young men and women at various beaches in Southern California and picnicking in the Southern California mountains, often identifying them. Many of them have one-word captions written underneath them. A thoroughly pleasing album with a generous selection of images of a variety of activities in the West, with good quality images and reasonably clear captions.

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[Photo Album]: California, and Training in Tacoma, Washington for WWI