[Postcards]: The Scarlet Letter Society and Club Postcards from 1989-1990

California: 1989-1990.

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Unbound. A collection of eight postcards from The Scarlet Letter venue in California from 1989-1990. The postcards are all printed on cardstock sized, 5.5" x 4.25", with colored illustrations. All items are near fine with modest edgewear and light soiling.

The Scarlet Letter was an exclusive club and society located on 7070 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles from the mid-1980s-1990s. This club produced its own postcards titled “The Scarlet Letter” for the members of this new society. The postcards are decorated with colored illustrations of motor bikes, peace signs, flowers, crosses, and skulls that exemplify the band's name that were playing that particular week. The artist for The Scarlet letter was Robert M. Kalafut. Kalafut is an artist that has illustrated for various children’s shows and movies during the 1980s-1990s including Jonny Quest, Captain Planet, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, He-man, and Brave Starr. Each postcard was the ticket to get into the show that the bands played each Wednesday. Neither the club nor the society has any online history and from the few postcards it seems The Scarlet Letter was very exclusive.

An interesting look at a mysterious music club and society during the 1980s-1990s.

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[Postcards]: The Scarlet Letter Society and Club Postcards from 1989-1990