[Broadside proof]: Upon Becoming a Senior Citizen

[No place]: The Tamarack Press, 1997 / [1998].

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Unbound. Uncorrected proofs of the broadside. Four different elements on four sheets of paper: the title, the illustration, the text of the poem, and the printed limitations. Fine. Issued in a total edition of 126 copies. From the collection of Herb Yellin, who designed the broadside, and who was one of the recipients of the ad personam copies. Herb Yellin was the founder and publisher of Lord John Press and the most frequent of Updike's fine press collaborators. He named his press after noting that the list of authors he wanted to publish all shared the same first name, chief among them John Updike, his favorite. *Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu* became the press’s first book in 1977 with 10 more to follow over the next 23 years. Yellin’s friendship with Updike grew with each new limited edition benefitting his already enormous Updike collection, with Updike himself contributing copies of new editions of his books - often inscribed. In a 2010 interview with Yellin he noted that Updike “...liked that if anything ever happened to his own collection, he had my collection on the opposite side of the country.” A notable association, and an uncommon broadside. *DeBellis and Broomfield* A167B (slight variant - never stapled, and other slight variances).

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[Broadside proof]: Upon Becoming a Senior Citizen. John UPDIKE.