1945 Skull & Bones Yearbook

[New Haven]: 1945.

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Hardcover. Large octavo. photo album. Full black buckram with date "1945W" stamped in silver on the front board; "Class of 1945 W" and the number "322" stamped on the spine "322" on the rear board, with mild edgewear and is about near fine. The album contains 10 member mounted gelatin silver photographs of members, each one signed; and additional unsigned photograph of an older unidentified African-American, presumably a servant; plus four additional images (a skull and bones, the entrance to the club, etc). Not inconsistently with the time period, most of the members are pictured in military uniforms. Skull and Bones is the oldest of Yale's secret societies and by far the most determinedly secretive. As such, it has long been an inspiration for speculation and imagination" (Alexander Robbins, *The Atlantic*, May 2000). A fascinating album from Yale's infamous Skull and Bones society, comprising real photos of members with their signatures, as well as photos of the club and related images and iconography. Undoubtedly produced in small numbers for members only, these "yearbooks" are understandably scarce and (literally) put a face on this notoriously secretive club. Skull and Bones has counted as members many of the most powerful men in the country - from Presidents and Supreme Court Justices to writers and athletes. Noteworthy is the inclusion of the African American servant who attended to the club. Though unnamed, their inclusion offers (or more likely not) a more complex portrait of a group often popularly thought of as a bastion of white male privilege.

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1945 Skull & Bones Yearbook