[Typescript]: Interview with Coleman Hawkins


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Unbound. Carbon typescript of an interview of Coleman Hawkins conducted by London *Sunday Times* music critic Derek Jewell on November 4, 1967. Quarto sheets paper clipped at the corner. 25pp. Fine. The interview was conducted during Hawkins 1967 tour of Great Britain with his longtime friend Renee Coleman, who appear to have been well know member of English jazz culture, sitting in on the conversation. Coleman mentions about a recent health scare, a few childhood musical experiences, meeting Fletcher Henderson, his friendship with Duke Ellington, technique, and his opinion on various musicians and singers. While the interview was likely incorporated into an article, we could not identify one from 1967, and suspect as least some parts from this transcript remain unpublished. From the personal papers of Jewell.

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Item #395828 [Typescript]: Interview with Coleman Hawkins. Coleman HAWKINS, Derek JEWELL.