Haps and Mishaps of Bayside-onners and Friends

Bayside, Patuisset Island,Massachusetts: 1902-1916.

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Hardcover. 6.5" x 8" notebook. Good only with loose boards, tears, and worn edges. A composition book converted for use as a guest book for a family's vacation cottage, listed as "Bay Side Cottage," on Patuisset Island, Massachusetts between 1902 until 1916 entitled "Haps and Mishaps of Bayside-onners and Friends." The book includes an extensive list of signatures some of which are accompanied by trip details, magazine and newspaper clippings, and 14 sepia toned photographs. Patuisset Island, a town used mostly as a summer community, is a section of Cape Cod, Massachusetts that becomes an island during high tide and who.'s beaches have been a favorite vacation spot for New Englanders since the late 1800s. In an Entry dated July of 1906, Delia J. Crane writes, "rainy days - foggy days - dog days - cool days; but no dull days at Patuisset. May there be many more, but pleasant ones." The photos show the cottage, vacationers boating, gardening, and people taking in the sun on the front porch. An interesting look at turn of the century Massachusetts and it's vacationers.

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