[Photo Album]: Priveli ti Carpatine (Carpathian Views)

Romania: 1934.

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Hardcover. Oblong quarto. Full leather photo album measuring 12" x 10" with "Priveli ti Carpatine" stamped in gilt on the front board. Contains 41 sepia toned photographs most measuring 5" x 7", with some larger, all captioned in Romanian, and affixed to stiff gray album pages. There is some curling to the pages, near fine. A photo album from 1934 of a trip to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. The scenes depict the beautiful landscape of Romania with views of the various mountain ranges that encompass the Carpathian Mountains with images of a sheep herder with his flock, another of a group of skiers, and some traditional homes beautifully captioned in handwritten Romanian. Dracula can not be seen but surely that's because you can not capture him on film or in a mirror, that being said we presume he was among the skiers. An exquisite album of mountain landscapes from the Carpathians.

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[Photo Album]: Priveli ti Carpatine (Carpathian Views)