Round Robin letter from three cousins in Xenia, Ohio

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Three page letter(s) from three people in Xenia, Ohio to their cousin Ephraim E. Sheppard in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Quarto leaf folded to make four pages. Old nicks and tears, mostly from opening, some foxing and wear, a little tender at the folds, about very good. Dated in March of 1843 from Xenia, an interesting letter, Benjamin Niewkirk reports that he has entered and dropped out of school, attended a temperance convention in Xenia with 3000 people, as well as visited a Whig Convention in Dayton where he saw Henry Clay and 15,000 people, was kicked by a horse, and attended a speech by a Millerite preaching about the end of the World. Niewkirk was New Jersey-born, subsequent census records record that he followed the profession of a hatter; the recipient Sheppard owned a livery stable.

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Round Robin letter from three cousins in Xenia, Ohio. Benjamin NIEWKIRK, , Ruth Niewkirk, Elizabeth R. Shepphard.