[Pamphlet]: American Baseball Academy Inc. Phil Rizzuto, President

New York: American Baseball Academy, (1951).

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Unbound. One leaf of pink paper gate-folded to make six pages. Faint vertical crease, near fine. Illustrated. States the purpose of the Academy and announces the faculty: Rizzuto, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Ralph Branca, Monte Irvin, Gene Woodling, and Sid Gordon. illustrated with pictures of boys playing baseball and knocking out "heroin", "marijuana", "gang wars". and "petty Thievery". The short-lived American Baseball Academy was founded in New York City by Malcolm Child and Phil Rizzuto in 1951. Child, apparently bit of a hustler, came up with the concept in order to combat juvenile delinquency in Manhattan. The Academy was heavily staffed with professional ballplayers, mostly New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers, with Phil Rizzuto serving as the President of the Academy.

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[Pamphlet]: American Baseball Academy Inc. Phil Rizzuto, President. Malcolm CHILD.