[Photographs]: Nearly 300 Armenian-American Vacation Polaroids

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montreal, Hawaii, Naples, Barcelona: 1958-1970.

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Unbound. A collection of 291 early Polaroid photographs taken between 1958 and the early 1970s. Photos are in color or black-and-white and all are near fine or better, and virtually all are captioned and numbered to 324, lacking 33 images. The photos document an Armenian-American family from New York through two decades of holidays, vacations, and milestones all while utilizing Polaroid Insta-film. Beginning in 1958, a decade after the invention of the Edwin H. Land's film. The photographs show winter in New York, celebrations with Turkish dancers, and a trip to Montreal. The family went to New Jersey's Asbury Park to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and New York's Lake George. Their Armenian heritage was of great importance with trips to the Armenian Old Age Home in Emerson, NJ along with numerous accounts of traditional dancing in a variety of settings. By the 1970s the pictures are in color, just in time to capture Hawaii and a cruise on the ship *Bon Vivant* to Naples, Barcelona, and Cannes. Pictures of Hawaiian luaus, sunbathers in France, and Vatican City are all shown in vibrant colors. In 1948 Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid, introduced his self-developing cameras to the world, which were manufactured until 1983. The later pictures shown here were taken with the Polaroid SX70 Land camera which *Time* magazine's Harry McCraken dubbed, “the greatest gadget of all time.” Early film developed in 60 seconds while the new model produced up to five pictures in 10 seconds and was so popular it made the cover of both *Time* and *Life* magazines. The album shadows the history of vernacular use of the instant film camera over its seminal decades and its rise in popularity through constant innovation. Unusual in that all the photographs in the album are Polaroid's, which were relatively expensive.

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[Photographs]: Nearly 300 Armenian-American Vacation Polaroids