Wooden Folk Art Bowling Plaque


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Hardcover. Wooden plaque measuring 18" x12", with twine hanging string. Near fine with two corners chipped. A presentation "To Frank with best wishes from the Goats", evidently from his bowling team, given the laminated balls and pins. There is also an etched figure of a goat in the center of the plaque, along with the names or nicknames of the team members, including, most intriguingly, "Connie Mack". The date of "Christmas. 1905" and "Casino" (perhaps the Ocean City bowling alley, now housing the Moorlyn theater) are to be found at the bottom of the plaque. The plaque was retrieved from a collection in a Philadelphia suburb and is dated from a time when the 43 year-old Mack (who once ran a bowling alley in Brookfield, Massachusetts), was serving as manager and part owner of the Philadelphia Athletics so, hey, you never know. At any rate an interesting and charming bit of rustic art and local history.

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Item #375700 Wooden Folk Art Bowling Plaque