[Manuscript Ledger]: "Waste Book, Downpatrick" (July-December, 1819)

Downpatrick, [Northern Ireland]: 1819.

Price: $750.00

Manuscript ledgers. Two small folios, spanning the months July--December, 1819. [22]pp., [20]pp. The first with one leaf removed at the rear, the second bumped at the corners, both very good. Hand ruled in ink, with three narrow right hand columns for the listing of monetary sums in pounds, shillings, and pence (L.s.d.). Both ledgers contain detailed business accounts that include inventories of merchandise received and sold (food and wine, leather goods, wool, and other sundries), client debts, cash receipts, bills, and related information. Both also have poems written on the last leaf in a different hand: the first ledger with a long two-page poetic song relating to Ireland's heroic Christian heritage; and the second with two poems on the last page, one of which is a manuscript copy of "The Frozen Brook," published in the November, 1819 issue of the Sporting Magazine, and signed "W.U." The poem warns a young maiden, Rosa, to tread carefully lest she lose her beauty, and by insinuation her virginal purity, through a single misstep. Other poems signed "W.U." were published at this time, but his identity is unknown. An intriguing set of ledgers from Downpatrick.

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[Manuscript Ledger]: "Waste Book, Downpatrick" (July-December, 1819)