[Punk Flyer]: On Broadway Punk Flyer

San Francisco: [circa 1980's].

Price: $200.00

Unbound. First edition. A black and white photomechanically reproduced flyer on 8.5" x 11" paper. Original flyer for the legendary San Francisco punk venue, On Broadway. Featured here are four dates: Saturday April 7, Social Distortion, Tales of Terror, Remains, Stiffs; April 14th, The U.K. Subhumans; April 17th, The Circle Jerks; and May 4th, Black Flag. A black and white photocopy of an unusually happy punk kid, or someone with a cheery grimace. From a San Francisco art professor who collected his students collage work, a great example of punk street art.

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[Punk Flyer]: On Broadway Punk Flyer. Tales of Terror Social Distortion, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, The U. K. Subhumans, Stiffs, Remains.